a dialogue between the past and present
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My work draws on the harmony and balance that exists between wood and glass, combining these to create a sense of interplay between the solid and the liquid.

From the central theme of industrial objects in a natural environment, I now want to focus more on the industrial objects themselves - objects that have often been discarded or no longer have a use. I am keen to explore what these objects can mean to us, such as the fragility of the once strong metal that has been corroded by the elements and rusted over time. This work is also about memory - the memory of the object itself which may no longer be used and the historical footprint of the fabrication process itself. I am committed to preserving these small histories through the medium of sculpture.


I work predominately with a casting technique taken directly from large scale industrial components – bolts, rivets, lengths of chain and metal rings used for mooring ships whilst in dock – which I reproduce in glass.

I then marry these new glass forms with pieces of wood,
either in its natural state from fallen trees perhaps, or pieces that have been worked by hand, such as remnants from old buildings or wooden components from long forgotten
contraptions. Working with discovered objects often allows
the object itself to dictate the direction of the work, which then grows and develops organically.


In creating this dialogue between the past and present – between glass and wood – my burning aim is to make people think, in a more abstract way, about the past and how it is changing and sometimes being lost. Ultimately I would like to be involved in urban regeneration projects, returning my work to the environment from which it was inspired.


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